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Quote of the day: "There are no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs."
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Anonymous: are you a vietnamese?

Ah, I’m sorry for this late late reply u;. But yes, :D I’m very much am. :)

babysen: ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Hellloo!! How are you doing nowadays? I I feel like we havent talk in forever TT. I hope you are dooing well. I think our last fanmail got lost in the jumble of tumblr…. But moving on, your blog is perfect! The true meaning of pastel to its finest. I believe I got my fair amount of pale does from your blog. And you are a precious angel too! You are really nice and sweet to me,and I really don’t deserve your lovely self. ;__;

byunny: i'm on mobile but /inserts kissy face/ can you do me princess?~ ^^

My knighttt!! how are you doing thse day my love? everyone is calling you a queen nowadays eh? but you know what~ we are going to keep our range just the way it is ~ it’s our little thing we established from the beginning ^^ I seriously just adore you so much. Your personalities is just through the roof, up the sky, into the galaxy. ;; like, you, y-ou how is it possible? you need to share me the secret to life man. I need to get people to like me too! lol. I’m so desperate. 

Your theme is always giving me this calm effect. I just love it so much. thank you for the nice feeling my dear~ I love you and your blog a lot. ~^^~